I can't believe it has taken me so long to post! After I got back from Rome last weekend I discovered we no longer had free wifi! So it will take me awhile to find time to post. 

Two weeks ago after Monteggiorni and Siena we went to San Gimignano which was my favorite city. San Gimignano was once surrounded by 30 towers and now 13 remain. A carnivale for children was going on and this made the city my favorite. Children were dressed up in elaborate costumes compared to our Halloween standards and had silly string and shaving cream fights. I cannot believe how much confetti filled the streets. My friend Elise and I got in a confetti fight instead of following our tour guide. It was only children playing and we decided that the "big kids" needed to play too. We were covered in confetti for the rest of the trip but on the way out we got our entire group to join in plus our tour guides. We played with some children too who were absolutely loving the confetti. Two weeks later I am still finding confetti in my purse and coat pockets.

In San Gimignano we mostly explored and did some more climbing and saw some incredible views. Each look out we went to the view got better and better. I couldn't believe that it could get better than Fiesole. I didn't learn much about San Gimignano but I still had a great time!
2/4/2010 04:42:31 am

Wow! those shots of the hillsides are breathtaking!!! Confetti shots look like u r playing in the snow!!! When r we gonna see Roma pic's???

2/5/2010 02:17:18 pm

Love those pics, esp the one of you and another girl in the confetti with your arms up. Made me feel good to hear you say you stopped to play with the kids. You'll never regret that! Awesome views. Miss you and love you!


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