Life in Florence is certainly interesting! My internship is quite an experience. It has been my responsibility to completely design a 16 page newspaper for students studying abroad, with very little direction as to where to start! I've learned a lot about Italian business here and my friends and I have tried to lend our knowledge (or made up knowledge) to help with their business strategy. It was nice to have my own project and especially a branding project for a newspaper, which I already have a lot of experience with. The internship has not helped with my Italian at all, but it is very flexible and allows me to travel and see the sights during the day and work on my own time! Definitely a plus.

My apartment leaves much to be desired for. Our washer + shower flooded recently and we have a odd mosquito infestation (I think they are drunken mosquitos for they are very easy to kill). Also... we have discovered a pervert who stares inside our window and.... for better lack of words "pleasures himself" which watching us sit in our room. Now, we can't open our windows and we live in a cave. We are pretty much terrified we will run into this psycho on the street one day and are relieved to be out of the apartment soon. Some people are just sick.

Also, we went to the Vagina Monologues where our classmate Dominque had a role in. I never would have imagined myself going to see the Vagina Monologues but I laughed hysterically through the whole thing. The women did an excellent job and also touched on very serious topics. I found myself laughing, then sobbing and repeat. Sometimes, I find myself so wrapped up in my own life that I forget about the problems people face around the world. They brought light to the issues going on in the DRC where rape and abduction is a extremely serious problem and how women are trying to break the silence. Their presentation was extremely powerful and it made me feel stupid for worrying about things such as not being able to afford to dress as nicely as other people. It made me think again about what is really important. I'm really glad that I met Dominique and was able to see her in the Vagina Monologues. 

Two of my friends have also gotten PR and DJ jobs at local bars, so I have had the enjoyment of going along to "support their work". We just celebrated St. Patricks Day and I got to paint Shamrocks on everyone's faces and drink my first green beer! Also, tragically I lost another pair of boots to the streets (I figured it was time to throw them out since I busted my knee falling).

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