After Arezzo I hopped on the train to Camucia/Cortona. Cortona is a province of Arezzo in Tuscany so it is very easy to do both cities in one day. Cortona is incredibly beautiful and is perched atop a hill overlooking Tuscany (altitude of 600 meters... which I climbed). The streets are slanted and there are many narrow alleys and steeps climbs. Cortona is one of the oldest hill towns in Tuscany and also an important Etruscan town. 

During my spontaneity of a Sunday excursion I failed to take note of there being very few buses on Sunday from the train station of Camucia up to the mountain of Cortona. Standing below the city I could not bear to end my trip short. It didn't seem far from below, so I decided to hike it. I was completely exhausted by the time I reached Cortona. It was not a straight shot like I assumed. I had to follow a winding path, while cars dodged me, up the hill. I was the only soul walking that street, for obvious reasons. It was quite a hike! I think in the end that the journey was worth it. On my way I passed huge villas and vineyards, and breath-taking views overlooking olive fields and mountains. 

Being quite exhausted, I didn't give Cortona all the time it deserved to really explore it. When I reached the city after my long venture it began to rain and being Sunday most everything was closed save a chocolate store called Cocoa. I definitely want to go back someday. The book and movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" was set in Cortona because of the incredible scenery. Despite being winter, everything was green! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
3/5/2010 07:49:37 am

Loved your pictures especilly no.8 and your comments too. You are one lucky and fortunate girl.


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