One night we rented a Fiat and drove to Prato, which isn't far from Florence. Kate and Bryanna drove and it was quite an experience! Florence is not an easy city to drive in at all! There are so many streets where cars aren't allowed, and even fewer roads allowable for rented cars. We drove in circles trying to find acceptable roads and had to fight the GPS which kept taking us to the city center which is a no-go. 

We finally made it to Prato and saw the bands Cinderella Breakdown and the Cowboy Prostitutes in a little bar in what seemed the middle of no-where. All I know of Prato is that there are a lot of round-abouts and the GPS likes to tell you to go around the "round about, all the way around the round-about and then continue around the round about". All in all it was a pretty fun night and I am super glad I didn't have to drive!

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