I spontaneously hopped on a train to Pisa one afternoon. Unfortunately I went a little too late and wasn't able to go into any of the churches or the leaning tower (which is incredibly expensive for what it is). The area around the Duomo is lovely and the building itself is incredible.

Honestly, I really had no intention of visiting Pisa, but its a short and cheap train ride from Florence. I decided that I probably should go visit the leaning tower and the cathedral. The tower is actually the bell dower or the campanile of the Duomo and was of course meant to stand upright but started to lean after the construction. The Duomo and the tower stand in the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) I absolutely loved the name. There were so many people out here enjoying the sunshine.

The Duomo is called Santa Maria Assunta or "St. Mary of Assumption". The baptistery behind the Duomo is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and is the largest Baptistery in Italy and is even taller than the Leaning tower! 

Also in this are is a the Campo Santo, a huge cemetary and I wish I could've gone inside. It is supposed to be incredibly beautiful inside and one of the most beautiful cemeteries, which is hard for me to believe since I stood inside the cemetery in Buenos Aires and was amazed.

I wasn't in Pisa long enough to really even remembe

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