I had my very first Italian class today. My instructor Elizabeta is awesome. She speaks English, French and Italian yet manages to get the pronunciation and accents down perfectly. Today we learned how to conjugate verbs and pronounce letters of the alphabet. Once again the poor "j" is unused, darn. Well the sound is used but not the letter. Once again my name will confuse people (a flash back to Argentina). Waking up early was pretty tough, but a cappucino made it easier. I love cappucino but here you will get strange looks if you order it in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is the Epiphany = day off. I am hoping it finally stops raining. I have never been so damp and cold in my life! Plus I realized how to convert the degrees (silly me) and it is supposed to feel like 70 in my apartment.... but its definitely 45. 

I experienced some culture shock today at the post office where I unfortunately teared up when some documents were rejected (the school is helping me). Also the grocery store was a bit of a nightmare when I forgot to weigh my fruit- I got a little bit in trouble. I wish I was able to communicate more and not just stare like a deer. Soon I hope!
Bunoa notte. 
1/5/2010 11:37:13 pm

I love reading your blog! You write so well. It's like I'm there experiencing it myself. You put the emotion in it so well. I'm so excited that you are sharing your experiences with us, even the bad, as it makes it more real.


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