To save money, we decided to forget going out and forget spending money on food + drink. Friday night we had a picnic in the Santa Maria Novella courtyard area in the freezing cold... at night. The area is a high traffic area and in the summer it is apparently full of people and fun. In the winter... not so much. We laid out a blanket and snacked on cheese and bread and of course some chianti, the famous Tuscan wine. It was pretty fun until we froze and met a group of strange young men (maybe highschool aged) who claimed they were "bobbi and JR from Dallas" (I didn't get the reference) and Bobbi's brother was Donald Trump and his father was Barak Obama. He then proceeded to say his sister was Michael Jackson and we apologized for his loss.... he didn't know Michael Jackson was dead. We left after running into them but it was still a successful Friday night.
1/25/2010 08:08:55 am

You must be awfully young to not know Jr. and Bobby - Great ictures and Grandpa liked the pig


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