Ciao! We were all so excited to see the SUN today! It was the first non rainy day since I have been here. It made exploring so much more fun. Today however was a class + shopping day! Everything went on sale this morning and was marked 30-50% off. quite some deals. Despite being on a tight budget I went along to just "look". However, I keep finding myself in stationary stores and it is difficult to resist. Most of the stores were closed between 2-4pm (lunch-time). Dinner is usually around 8-9pm and Italians tend to linger afterwards. Its nice to see people taking their time and not rushing on to the next destination like us Americans. 

I am not quite sure what Italians think of Americans. So far some have been open and friendly, willing to help us learn new words--- yet others completely ignore us service in a store. Sometimes we attempt to talk in Italian but they only reply in English. I

I have still yet to find myself in a cathedral or gallery, but there is time. ~arrivederci! 
1/7/2010 04:59:42 am

love your pictures and what you have 2 say.

Judy McPherson
1/10/2010 10:26:57 pm

Hi, Your pictures are great, keep them coming. Have fun!


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