Ciao! I have never blogged before but I will give it a shot! Today was my second day in Frienze, Italia (and also my 22nd birthday). I was lucky to meet some fantastic new friends at my school Istituto Europeo who helped me celebrate with wine, pasta and of course gelato. I even had some lovely expresso. Today was a great relief to me in comparison to yesterday where embarrassingly enough I was sobbing my eyes out! After a long day of travel I arrived in Italy to find my luggage lost and a deserted apartment with a vacationing landlord. Today however I find the apartment charming (even with its various sizes of confusing outlets) and the city is amazingly beautiful. I have been attempting to use my tiny knowledge of Italian vocab to get by but I can't wait to start class tomorrow. I can't believe how blessed I am to be here.
1/4/2010 10:19:52 am

Yay for Italy!!!! I have some of the same photos that you took. Hope everything continues to get better and that you had an awesome birthday!

1/4/2010 12:29:34 pm

A little jealous but mostly excited for you! What street is your apartment on? I want to look you up on a map to see how close you are to where I lived (S. Reparata) and where the Kent building is. Have some melon gelato for me while you take an evening stroll across Ponte Vecchio. Enjoy every minute, Jamie!


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