We had the day off from class because of the holiday Epiphany. From what I understood it celebrates the day the three kings visited the newborn baby Jesus. While out exploring we stumbled upon a huge celebration parade that reenacted the kings journey to Joseph and Mary. The parade stopped at the Duomo with a ceremony and continued across the Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace (I think the Medici lived here at one point). The whole event took several hours. We explored the Ponte Vecchio where all the gold workshops are. The jewelry was beautiful and extremely pricey. Mid-way across the bridge there is a large collection of locks chained to the posts. Couples write their initials on a lock and chain it to the metal fence declaring that their love will never break. It is a very cute tradition and hundreds of locks remain.
1/6/2010 05:00:50 am

hey u jamos ! Great pic's... does epiphany mean parade ??? celebration ??? or just a drunk fest ? ! ! !

aunt kim
1/6/2010 07:40:41 am

Jamie great pictures, glad you are doing well after a bumpy start. What a city, enjoy and feel thankful for such a great opportunity.

1/7/2010 12:10:14 am

Hi Jamie, I am enjoying the pic's! What was the picture of all the locks on the gate?? Just curious.

jamie Ritzer
1/7/2010 01:06:12 am

I was too lazy to write captions but I will soon! Epiphany is a holiday (you should know this dad!) from what I understood it celebrates when the three kings visited baby Jesus. The locks on the gate have a really neat story behind them. A couple writes their initials on the lock and chains it to the bridge. It represents their love being unbreakable! Its pretty cute.

1/8/2010 11:15:02 pm

The pictures are awesome. Are you taking them? Love hearing your thoughts. Enjoy!


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