The finished painting! 
*This hopefully ends my day cheating* I took photos everyday, just didn't post! Happy New Year! 
Mom's "Famous" grasshoppers, a family favorite during the holidays.
Delicious Chinese food appetizer before enjoying a family style meal.
The awesome snowman (and snow kitty) my nieces and nephews built. He even has a pipe! They're working on a snow couch and living room next.
More Beautiful Christmas flowers from my dad!  In my bright pink room :)
Cozy fire on a wintery day.
Christmas Eve with my sister, nieces & nephews! Aren't they great? 
Rachel's adorable new puppy, Winston. So freaking adorable, I almost puppy-napped him. I think I really need a dog.
Rainy travel day! Amazingly one of the easiest trips I've taken. It was surprisingly calm for the day before Christmas Eve. Both planes were tiny and we got to climb up the steps outside the plane to enter. I love when that happens, it makes the whole experience a little more exciting. 
I'm cheating a bit on these next few images, but hopefully I'll get back on track once my michigan vacation is over. Here is some delicious take-out sushi! I've been trying to eat new things lately.