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Hundredth photo! Here's a pic of one of my favorite Cincinnati locations: Fountain Square.
The Blue Wisp now has logo glasses! Still haven't gotten to hear any jazz, I guess I always go at the wrong time.
Playing with light sensitive paper on my balcony for a poster background.
Gorgeous trees! 
Loved the shape of this wine bottle — just had to buy it!
Some sort of construction going on by The Banks. Beautiful day
Walking along Piatt Park.
SPRING IS HERE!!! The courtyard outside my apartment is beautiful :) I can't wait to sit out there and read or swim (in the pool, not that fountain).
Seriously bad week for me accident-wise. Smashed my favorite bowl from Ikea.... at least it was only $2. Already planning a return trip to buy more.
Green beer! Happy St. Patrick's day!