Bottled beer this weekend! Should be able to try it in a couple weeks — hope it turns out!
Shot of my studio apartment. I re-used the furniture from my thesis exhibition :)
A Rock Bottom kind of night! 
Foggy view from a rooftop terrace in downtown CInc
A rainy night — I didn't see it coming. Although, I never pay much attention to the weather anyway. 
Finally started to decorate my little apartment. Finally got out my Basilica de la Sagrada Familiar poster from this summer's travels. I love it. What an incredible building. I can't wait to go back someday and see it finished — in approx 2026 when the exterior should be completed! 
My welcome to the oral-care team basket :) I am going to have the prettiest teeth around :)
All dressed up for the "House of Landor" winter social. (next to the poster natalie and I designed)
We had another great celebration at Landor. Our President Mary Zalla was named CEO of Landor this week. It is an incredible time to be a member of the team. I'm really excited about future opportunities and possibilities. It's moments like today that makes me really proud to be in my field — and work at Landor. We were also given these awesome 3D sketchbooks (designed by Landorians), which is full of interactive experiences. Can't wait to play with it. 
Saw this outside Landor today..... random..... No idea what it's doing there.